City & Guilds is a global leader in skills development, providing services to training colleges like Sunshine Zimbabwe Project.  These internationally recognised qualifications are valued across all industries and are highly accepted by employers across the world.  The courses are designed to help individuals regardless of ability to develop their talents and abilities for career progression.

Why Choose City & Guilds?

City and Guilds (UK) courses offer a clear progression path for learner - from entry level through to the highest standards of professional achievement.

These qualifications act as a benchmark for skills globally and are widely recognised and well respected, which means that wherever learners travel to, they can use their City and Guilds certificate to find work.

City and Guilds qualifications give people the skills that will equip them to reach their goals – whether that’s getting a job, winning a promotion or growing their own business.

These qualifications are developed with the help of industry experts and are workplace –relevant. They prepare people for doing a real job – benefitting them and their employer.


At team of highly qualified and certified professionals with years of experience in the industry is responsible for delivering these life changing courses.

Classes are held for 4 days a week with special weekend classes available for those who work Monday-Friday.

Methods of Assessment/Evidence Collection

Not all qualifications are the same and not all learners are the same, that's why we use different types of assessment to suit different needs; giving our students the best chance of success.  These include video evidence, pictures, worksheets and oral questioning.

Portfolio based evidence: These are paper-based information management systems used for evidence gathering and assessment and verification of the evidence.  Sunshine Zimbabwe Project recognises that not all students are able to write formal examinations; therefore this method is used for our competence-based qualifications with predefined assessment criteria.  They simplify assessment process without sacrificing assessment quality.

Pre-requisites for entry

An ability to communicate; basic reading/writing skills

A desire to achieve